Time for Dessert!! 

I love to bake. Back when I had a huge kitchen and plenty of counter space, I used to do it all the time. Now, not so much. I have a tee-tiny space and very little counter space to speak of. Plus, it gets hot fast and I have a gas oven. So it’s not a usual occurrence anymore.

Lately, though, I’ve been pinning lots of delicious-looking recipes and decided to try one out last night. I don’t eat lots of sweets so this was totally for M. I found the recipe here:

I didn’t write down anything while I was baking; just took pictures. I’m a bit messy, but the end result was me licking the beaters and M eating two of these for breakfast (they had to chill completely before eating, which ended up being this morning!) these also seem to be in reverse order! Oh well! Enjoy!


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